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We believe in the philosophy of prevention and also value the importance of the extra confidence that comes from the ultimate smile.
Chloe Norcross

Registered Numbers

Mr Taufeeq Shah Rauf, Executive Director, GDC Registrant 248950

Mr Nasser Syed, Principal Dentist; Clinical Lead, GDC Registrant 103241

Mrs Musharraf Jaffri, Principal Dentist, GDC Registrant 102970

Mrs Kabita Shah, Principal Dentist, GDC Registrant104238

Mr Abdul Quddoos Ahmed, Dentist, GDC Registrant 203938

Miss Helen Cosgrove, Manager, GDC Registrant 195002

Mr Adrian Jeffrey Lee, Dentist, GDC Registrant 46049

Ms Gillian Wooley, Dental Nurse, GDC Registrant 155717

Miss Millissa Burke, Manager, GDC Registrant 137420

Mr Amit Mistry, Dentist, GDC Registrant 243823

Miss Jenna Prudham, Dental Nurse, GDC Registrant 260536

Miss Chloe Norcross Dental Hygienist/ Dental Therapist, GDC Registrant 259737

Professor Julian Yates, Dental Surgeon, GDC Registrant 72190

Moneel Patel, Dentist, GDC Registrant 211724

Francesca Whitworth, Dental Nurse GDC Registrant 252788

Junaid Iqbal, Dentist, GDC Registrant 244232

Ashton Under Lyne

0161 308 4129


0161 370 7213

Private Patients Checkup/Examination £55

“Thank you very much for looking after my teeth so well. The bridge is perfect.”